When the lab coat comes off..

thMLAZ6U6UThis is how I react once my work shift is over and when the lab coat comes off.. I RUNNNN!!! I know I should be more appreciative especially when you’re able to get a job offer literally a few weeks after graduating from college but at times it can be hard. I work from 5pm to 1:30 am (or until) in a diagnostic lab that tests skin specimens to give proper treatment to patients . It’s rewarding to know I am making a difference in someone’s life even if it’s not directly however, I have to remain focused because it was never my intention to stop here.


Unfortunately one part about growing up is the fact you have to work to pay bills and there’s not too many jobs that will allow you to work on your dream goals but if you know any PLEASE LET ME KNOW, SERIOUSLY! lol lol ūüėČ So this is when you have to take matters in your own hands ( in your own time) and use the time you have outside of work to build your vision.


I get super¬†excited once I leave work because it’s now “me” time . From the time I wake up every minute counts and its important to get something accomplished even if its just coming up with one idea¬† or applying for a job that compliments my goals for getting toward my vision. So with that being said I’m going to get some inspiration by reading some¬†of your blogs, practice some DAT questions (Dental Admissions Test ) ,¬† and relax watching tv / Netflix.

‚ô• Let’s be awesome!!