The Ideal Gentleman

He doesn’t ask for much, just to believe

and whatever I ask I shall receive.

He walks with me and waits as I become transparent

then corrects me with love just like a parent.

Constantly protecting me and wanting what’s best

teaching me his ways through a series of tests.

His wisdom is beyond what I was taught in school

sharing the way he thinks throughout the day gives me fuel.

He opens doors that none can shut, he closes them with grace

always having his best interests with the challenges I may face.

He showers me with compliments saying ‘daughter you are beautiful’

where confidence is the new foundation and to validate is no longer an issue.

He gave his life for me when there was a time I wouldn’t give an hour

now I consistently seek his face so I can witness his power.

People will try to prove him wrong because they don’t understand

how one could love unconditionally and continue to be

a gentleman.




#Picture Perfect

I don’t think words could explain how happy I was in these moments so you could only imagine how grateful I was to have an amazing photographer . The picture on the left was from one of our engagement photos. Our theme was Princess and The Frog , I was inspired from the era so I chose old poses for our shoot. We had lots of fun that day , so much joy and laughter. Laughing from my then fianc√© picking me up three times before we got a good photo, looking at each other awkwardly in our pose while the photographer changed his lens, and how some man stopped to look at us take photos then asked if we had money. What a perfect picture!

The picture on the right was from one of our wedding pictures of course. Extremely happy to say at the very least lol but let’s look at the picture closer. I was NERVOUS in that moment!! I’m known to be a private person including showing public displays of affection so for this moment I had to practice lol. I remembered telling my husband “please! don’t be extra !!” I would imagine me fainting in front of everyone ( dramatic) as I walked down the aisle but the truth was everything was blurry and the only ones that were in focus was my pastor and husband. Another picture perfect!

How many times we look at a photo and feel inspired to accomplish what someone else has? Honestly I think it’s all of us which is fine but good pictures are like best friends at times. Pictures are straight to the point capturing the best moments, not showing what happens behind the scenes like the editing that needs to take place for a good picture. Just like our vision. We see the final picture and in order for us to have that perfect picture its going to require a lot of work. Distractions will come , fear may try to make your situation bigger than what it is, but stay encouraged because you’re creating your picture perfect ūüôā

Where’s that disney prince when you need him?


You may see reminders in Walmart, Walgreens, or some other store that starts with a ‘W’.. Perhaps when you turn on the tv there’s commercials and movies to remind you of this day just in case you forgot . Can you take a guess?? It’s Valentine’s day! A day where you express your love to that special person a million times more than the rest of the year and etc etc. I’m not anti V-day because for one my prince and I will be celebrating 7 years together!!! So I’m pretty excited to just maybe go to the movies and out to eat ..keep it simple. However , before my “prince charming ” came and swept me off my feet I always wondered ..


In grade school , I used to envy other little girls that would get gifts from their boyfriends or when the school intercom would interrupt to ask for whoever to come to the office and they would come back with balloons. I wanted that so badly , so I would ask my mom if she could do that for me so I could feel special at school. She didn’t interrupt my class but when I would go home after school I would see some gifts on my bed which made my day. I seeked attention from everywhere¬†: chat rooms , internet dating,” ask your friend if they have a friend”. I was the worst when it came to validating my worth, lol .¬† My heart was broken plenty of times from guys that didn’t know my full potential and instead of moving on I would constantly try to put a band aid on my wound hoping it would get better. I started paying closer attention to the type I attracted at that time.. they looked different but¬† had the exact spirit got a little better with the next person I liked but there was still something bad that messed up the equation.


I then decided to pray for God to send someone for me. I wanted my father’s approval¬†(can’t go wrong if you ask him). After I prayed I left it alone >> my tears, my heartbreaks , and the mind set I had thinking I needed man’s approval.¬† That was when I met my prince and the rest was history ‚ô•. I didn’t even think on the fact that God had answered my prayer until a pastor was prophesying to me and acknowledged my conversation¬†I had with God that night. There may be challenging moments like all relationships but the difference is we both go after God which builds our relationship , I get to be myself ..silly and flawed, and our friendship is the best! So I say that to say your Disney prince is coming . You don’t have to change your image like Ariel,¬† you don’t have to go to war like Mulan before he¬†can see¬†how special you are , and you don’t have to leave a trace of yourself to give him hints of where to find you like cinderella.

He’s going to come and while you wait seek after God . He knows what’s best for us and he loves when we come to him just like any father would. If you don’t have a date hang out with friends, gain some DIY skills from Pinterest, bake and watch some movies ..I think you got it, beautiful ¬†ūüôā

thYour Disney prince is on the way..