Hello Martha.

I am Martha and Martha is me, but who is she?

I’m not talking about Martha Stewart but the one from the Bible that had a sis named Mary. Okay, so to give you some insight on this lady I’ll share this quick story:

Martha invited Jesus into her home and while she was distracted with her responsibilities, her sis,Mary, stayed with Jesus listening to his teaching. Martha was like,” ummm HELLO?! Jesus you see I’m doing all this work and my sister not helping me! Tell her to help me.” Jesus said, “you’re concerned about soo many things but your sister chose the right thing to focus on.”

OUCH! I felt convicted when I read this story because I can be like Martha sometimes. On the enneagram, I’m a 7 (that’s a blogpost for another time) . An enthusiast, seeks adventure, and doesn’t like to be bored describes some parts of me. That being said I can get distracted with my thoughts/ideas and whatever I’m currently working on.

Can I get an Amen from the back ūüôčūüŹĺ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ?! I mean I can seriously be like a squirrel sometimes lol. Just like Martha, annoyed and distracted with things I would like to accomplish , I go to God asking for help and He says, “Rest”.

So what do I do when I start to feel like Martha?

  • Spend time reading the Word
  • Journal my thoughts
  • Give my concerns to Him
  • Reflect by walking in the park
  • Pray

After doing this is when I get clearer in my goals and actually have direction on how I should prioritize my tasks.

“Ok, cool.” Type of Relationship

We’ve all been there at least I think. You know the type of relationship where you’ve placed the other person first and it wasn’t reciprocated. Or maybe you’ve sent text messages pouring out your heart and the other person just respond with “ok,cool.”¬† It’s so frustrating, annoying , and all the other words that’s similar.giphy2Well I’ve experienced it , a little too much actually.¬† I guess after it happened to me the first time you would think I learned my lesson. Instead I gave myself excuses when I wasn’t treated fairly. I wonder how God would feel in that type of relationship?

A relationship where he pours his entire being, blessings, encouraging words, into you consistently, and your only response is “okay, thanks.” A relationship where he made you a little lower than angels and crowned you with glory and honor (Hebrews 2:7).¬† I thought about this last week and I was like man I love God even more!

I think a lot of people wouldn’t stay in a relationship for too long if the other person didn’t acknowledge them, I know I wouldn’t. Psalms 94:14 says ” For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will never forsake his inheritance.” So does that include the moments we don’t acknowledge him as much? Yes! Well doesn’t he get upset when that happens ? Psalms 103:8 says “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.”

He knew what type of person we were before we were born (psalms 139:13)! Yet he’s committed and shows no sign of leaving. I knew this to be true but I guess after reading a devotion a few days ago it was like an aha moment. It’s like being in a relationship and you already know the person love you but then they do something extra like give you flowers or something and you’re like “Aww they really do love me!” So yeah , God is awesome and he loves you flaws and all!

sunset hands love woman

Adjusting to higher altitudes 

I don’t have a fear of heights, its just adjusting to higher altitudes. Being on airplanes are fun until my ears start popping and  hearing shifts temporarily . It’s worth being uncomfortable in those few minutes because I’m usually excited for the destination.

IMG_1284 I wonder where does the fear of heights come from? Is it the fear of falling ? Or maybe being on a higher level compared to staying on ground , where it’s comfortable?  A few weeks ago I went on a ropes course at WonderWorks. I thought it wasn’t high, I mean I’m a roller coaster girl! However , once I walked up the steps and made my way at the top I was afraid! It seemed like everyone was breezing through the course except me . I had a harness for support but when I would look down and see people looking /walking pass, my fear started to form into the question “what if I fall on them?” Also, in every direction the ropes had a different design meaning I couldn’t go through each obstacle the same way.  It took a lot for me to get through the ropes course but I managed to get through lol.

Faith is the same way. God is like “I got you” just like the harness  had me . Instead of walking through what looks impossible we get distracted and what God was trying to teach for a moment ends up being a journey instead.

Another activity I did was indoor skydiving! It was fun but of course knowing me there was a process smh. I had braids (lots of them) which made it uncomfortable to wear their helmets. Eventually, they gave me a different style helmet to fit some of my braids , awkward. The cool thing about this activity was we received brief instructions and then the moment to ‘just do it’. No time to second guess and question, just do it.

My first leap into the air tunnel was a mess. I couldn’t think of the correct form my body needed to stay in so it felt like I was flying all over lol . The instructor kept telling me to relax and I thought I was but I guess he saw differently. I leaped again into the air but this time it was different. I remembered what the instructor taught me and then I begin to relax by clearing my head, going with the flow.  My husband even said there were a few times the instructor let me go to fly by myself!

How long did you have an idea and the Lord said “Just do it!” ? Maybe he gave clear instructions and you felt you needed time to process what he was saying. I had an idea on something and it seemed like I was taking forever just “researching “. I finally started putting my plans into action and let me tell you the first time was a mess. However, I’m learning God is with me and all I need to do is relax and go with the flow. Now it’s your turn..


Hearing His Voice

You ever been around people that just brag about their adventure and you just want to experience it for yourself? Well, this was me and the year 2015 was definitely an experience to remember. For a couple of years (at least it felt that way) I was desiring to have another type of experience with God. I read about him, sung about him , prayed to him , and felt I needed more. I wanted to hear his voice . I knew God had different ways of getting my attention but I wanted to hear him for myself.
I prayed and prayed ..nothing happened. I turned off all of my distractions..nothing happened. I even went on a complete fast ..and NOTHING HAPPENED! That season was very frustrating ! It’s like calling a restaurant to make an order and no one is picking up the phone so you’re questioning if you even have the right number, lol. I talked with my aunt and her response was to keep waiting . So one fun fact about me is that I’m an introvert ( I wouldn’t say I’m quiet 100% )but my mind stays busy like NYC traffic, which I guess made it hard to hear God.
One day in January 2015, the weather was at its coldest and living in the south with snow was the motivation I needed to stay in from work. I had my t.v off , just finished a meal , and started washing dishes. As I washed the dishes in complete silence it was at that moment I heard his voice. I always imagined I would hear a loud , thunder, manly voice and I’m glad that didn’t happen because I probably would of ran out of my apartment,lol.
The best way I could describe how he sounded to me is similar to my thoughts. A confident, strong sounding thought if that make any sense. If you could imagine hearing your parents speak to you but in your voice , that’s what it was . I knew it was him because I know how I think and talk. He said ” hello daughter , it’s great to hear from you .” My eyes stretched and I felt overwhelmed with joy. The experience I waited so long for finally came and the anticipation was worth every minute. 

Breaking up is hard work

“We would like to bring you on board with our company! Will you accept our offer?”¬† My moment had finally come ! 100 applications & 20 interviews later..¬†resulted in a job offer !¬†I was excited and thankful for God’s blessing ,oh¬†how I waited¬†for this¬†transition , but somehow I needed time to reflect.


I remembered¬†when God promised to¬†take me¬†from my night¬†job to¬†place me elsewhere¬†. The following day as I took my 15 min break I saw a beautiful rainbow that was confirmation for me. I was excited and wrote my 2 week notice … a YEAR ahead of time! I saved it to my computer , waiting on my golden willy wonka ticket¬†for better opportunity. So, the moment had presented itself and I’m in awe. No longer having to get off work wee hours of the morning, taking 15 min breaks to refresh my mind from the workload¬†by playing Lumosity on my phone, and being under strict management.¬† I was accustomed to everything and as much as I wasn’t fond of my love-hate relationship with the lab¬† I started feeling like I was going to miss the routine of things.

I learned a lot during those 4 years (eekk!) especially about God’s promise. He protected me from not getting fired , provided financially , and kept his promise . I was nervous about God answering my prayers but I realized in order to fulfill the vision he has for me I needed to press forward. Maybe its not a job you’re seeking but you’re praying and asking for help. God hears your every detail and when he answers he won’t leave anything out because he’s that awesome. It’s true you may not get your prayer answered the next day but as you mature you’ll notice how God is leading you to something beyond your imagination. I’m starting to learn God is in control and I need to obtain more of his character before I become a dentist.¬†A part of being more like him requires breaking up with something even if its hard work.



Ooh! Ooh! Pick me , pick me !!


So I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been in this place before .. where we’re saying “Ooh! Ooh! pick me ! pick me !” or at least our actions demonstrated it. Maybe in your younger days you tried flagging down your teacher so you could give the correct answer or maybe it was when you were in P.E class and you didn’t want to get picked last. Well that’s the season I’m in now with job employment ….


I’ve applied to over 100+ jobs , received about 20 interviews in a year timeframe, talk about EXHAUSTING! My actions are definitely saying “Hey pick me!!” but instead its like having a teacher overlook me on purpose or the P.E teacher¬†skip over me and pick the students that’s ¬†around me . I can honestly say I’ve never been the type to give up easily. I tried out for the cheerleading team for 3 years before I got accepted , in college years I struggled financially . Reflecting on moments like those taught me there are more ways to reach your blessing once you think outside the box.¬† Now back to the show:::¬†


I watched how people around me got blessed with jobs, my pastor¬†encouraging¬†me every week¬†to believe in faith, but my results still the same. I started questioning myself and feeling guilty¬†after the interviews I had¬†because I ¬†would basically say how I am going to become a dentist . However, I can’t take all the credit..I think God is up to something. My intention with my current job was never to stay as long as I had and my prayer after every interview ” May the best candidate get the position, you know my purpose more than I know myself” . <-Well , I know he will surely answer prayers , that’s a definite lol ! But seriously, a lot of the jobs I applied for , in my mind I figured I would be able to apply some of it towards my overall goal . Interesting, because Isaiah 55:8-9 states “for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways”. It’s easy to plan a goal but sometimes its not a strategic plan and we need help especially myself! I have a vision board and the jobs I applied for are nowhere near the board, I tell my fianc√© I would like to get into dental school by a certain time so how does this all come together?


By God’s grace. I read so many stories of successful people quitting their jobs to pursue their dreams¬†and watched my peers successfully get new¬†positions. I’ve done everything in my being to change my status¬†but God has the blueprint . Once we get to a point where its exhausting that’s when God steps in and says ” That’s good now let me take it from here” Maybe I didn’t get that full time job because God knows it would be a delay in where I need to be ..¬†To be honest this season is like an interview¬†or¬†‘prove it to me’ with God. Everything I’ve mentioned in the interviews are being¬†tested in these trial periods.He’s been¬†building my character¬†through¬†interviews, interacting with different personalities, budgeting, being¬†dependable, trustworthy,¬†and¬† etc¬† in order to be that dentist I dream about.

So if you are in my shoes now please¬†know you are not being overlooked¬†and what God has in store is bigger than what we¬† can imagine. ¬†Stay determined because we’re going to be picked soon!

raising hands.png

Being too busy..

Outside of work and shadowing dentists I also volunteer as a prayer partner at a local Christian tv station. It’s pretty straightforward : people call from all over and I pray for them.. prayer hotline. On this particular day¬† one of the prayer partners received a call from a lady that needed prayer for peace because she felt guilty. As the story unravels, the lady felt guilty because her neighbor committed suicide and God told her to see how they were doing the day before however, she was too busy.

I’m not sure about you but I know there have been plenty of times I’ve been too busy. There¬†are times when it seems the hours skip by and I’m still trying to figure out what I want for breakfast. There were times I would be so preoccupied with things and at the end of the day I’ve still accomplished nothing. Somehow my results are different when God is in the equation, my day just seems to flow in balance. A lot of times we won’t have a clue to why he wants us to do something but its our job to go with the flow. (Jeremiah 29:11) “For I know the plans I have for you.. “.¬† There are so many people throughout the world that needs help and that may be waiting on someone like you and me to do just that. The job you’re seeking , degree you’re going after, business you’re creating is not just to benefit you but to benefit others as well¬† ūüôā . So I challenge you and myself what can we do to help someone else today? Remember beautifuls, you’re never too busy to make a difference .