The benefits of stretching

Dance class and cheering had this one thing in common I did not enjoy, called stretching. I hated stretching! While it was easy for some girls, it wasn’t for me. I knew stretching had its benefits but I thought it was better to skip and move on to practice or performing. I would stretch my legs as far as I could with all my strength, then my instructor would come and push against my back to go further. This was done on a weekly basis I couldn’t avoid it. Stretch,practice,perform, repeat. Stretch,practice, perform,repeat.



The last quarter of this year for me gave me that same feeling. I felt an uncomfortable ‘pull’ especially at work and though it didn’t bring me to tears it made me ask the Lord ,”Why?” After asking why I remembered how important stretching was for my body. Stretching improves my performance, helps my body move effectively, and decrease my risk of getting hurt.  I believe the benefits of stretching in the natural applies in our relationship with the Lord. He stretch us out of our comfort zone so our faith can strengthen in him and to become more flexible…adapting to his ways. Similar to my cheer/dance days, I’m always hoping the Lord would skip the stretching part of the process however, it’s necessary in order to fully develop. Don’t worry if you need help stretching he’s always there to help: Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31





The Sun/Son

Your beauty is beyond compare

I thank my heavenly father and the sun as I began to stare

I’m in awe as you literally brighten my day

exposing all of nature’s beauty, its function, its ways

Now don’t get me wrong, the rain and snow still have its part

but when your glory comes through the clouds it just swells my heart♥

everyone can feel your presence , your warmth, your love we can’t avoid

the fact that at times you’re hard to resist you make it easy for us to go out and enjoy

the birds sing praises, the trees sway from time to time

as you sit and be still confirming everything is fine

in you there’s production, there’s growth, there’s room for correction

because of your light we’re able to see and receive clear direction

the night is sure to come along with rest from day’s fun

so until next time I am in your presence, your beauty I will continue to be in awe from

The sun(son).

Freshly Green Nature in Shining Sun.jpg