Saving $$ challenge

thFW8NNIKBTrying to recover from the holidays? Having a hard time coming up with a way to pay your bills effectively ?  Well, you’re definitely not by yourself. One of my challenges after graduating college was learning to become independent , especially financially. I had to get my priorities in order quick and adjust to life’s demands.. bills. I can honestly say I have a good system going when it comes handling bills but there is always room to grow and build to my vision while tackling bigger expenses , like student loans!

This is when I read a  post about paying off Sallie Mae student loan in a year on a teacher salary! I know what you’re thinking “How in the world?”  ” How is this possible?” I was slightly skeptical at first but after she went into detail of overcoming this obstacle I not only was amazed but am now using her tips to help me with my financial mountains. On her site  she also mentions this challenge called , Money Saving Challenge. Basically every week you deposit into your savings and if you are able to follow closely by the end of the year you’ll have $5,000! Whoo hooo!!Vacation-1024x1024 I just get excited knowing what my end result of being disciplined will be. To read more of her awesome story and other great tips , here’s the link enjoy!>