~*Forever 21*~

♥♥I’m 5’4 , pretty lean , and like to exercise. When people discover I like working out I tend to get comments like the following: “Oh you’re small you don’t need to work out”, ” you don’t have any fat what do you have to lose??” in addition to facial expressions which I love :-/  :

I’ve always been involved in activites as long as I can remember. I did jazz/ tap for 11 years, cheerleading (I know right!) , and tennis. So when I got into the work flow I knew I needed a balance ..Exercising! Working out has so many benefits besides the obvious one of losing weight, that’s a given.  According to Fitness magazine, working out can cause ________

  1. Your lungs to get stronger
  2. Protection against the snuffles (cold/flu)
  3.  to feel like you’re on cloud 9 , stress free
  4.  ♥  healthier
  5.  alert and focused
  6. cut the risk of getting cancer
  7. become one of the members of The Avengers (not really but remain consistent along with dieting and your muscle endurance will increase)

See? There are so many benefits including the one I left out about how awesome you’ll feel as you notice your beautiful results externally & internally.  Feeling Forever21 or whatever age you want doesn’t have to be time consuming or like a boring homework assignment. Make working out fun by connecting with others and schedule a time to meet and sweat . Today , a local YMCA had an aerobic-thon (FREE) and I attended a zumba class as well as a sculpting class. Even though I did not meet with any friends one of my coworkers told me about the event :-).  Sign up for a run: I’m not much of a runner but it didn’t stop me from pursuing The Color Run. It was fun being in a rainbow crowd (literally) where everyone seemed so happy to be running/walking for a great cause. Then at the end of the run, there’s a party with live music and color bombing everywhere!


Oh right, no time to do all that? Workout at home ! That’s what I do mostly because I don’t have a membership at a gym. Look for home workouts on Youtube , Instagram, Pinterest for starters. At times I may try to cheat myself by doing less of a workout so I like to use apps to keep me focused like Sworkit . So ladies and gents , lets get our blood pumping because we have a healthy year to enjoy !