Ooh! Ooh! Pick me , pick me !!


So I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been in this place before .. where we’re saying “Ooh! Ooh! pick me ! pick me !” or at least our actions demonstrated it. Maybe in your younger days you tried flagging down your teacher so you could give the correct answer or maybe it was when you were in P.E class and you didn’t want to get picked last. Well that’s the season I’m in now with job employment ….


I’ve applied to over 100+ jobs , received about 20 interviews in a year timeframe, talk about EXHAUSTING! My actions are definitely saying “Hey pick me!!” but instead its like having a teacher overlook me on purpose or the P.E teacher skip over me and pick the students that’s  around me . I can honestly say I’ve never been the type to give up easily. I tried out for the cheerleading team for 3 years before I got accepted , in college years I struggled financially . Reflecting on moments like those taught me there are more ways to reach your blessing once you think outside the box.  Now back to the show::: 


I watched how people around me got blessed with jobs, my pastor encouraging me every week to believe in faith, but my results still the same. I started questioning myself and feeling guilty after the interviews I had because I  would basically say how I am going to become a dentist . However, I can’t take all the credit..I think God is up to something. My intention with my current job was never to stay as long as I had and my prayer after every interview ” May the best candidate get the position, you know my purpose more than I know myself” . <-Well , I know he will surely answer prayers , that’s a definite lol ! But seriously, a lot of the jobs I applied for , in my mind I figured I would be able to apply some of it towards my overall goal . Interesting, because Isaiah 55:8-9 states “for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways”. It’s easy to plan a goal but sometimes its not a strategic plan and we need help especially myself! I have a vision board and the jobs I applied for are nowhere near the board, I tell my fiancé I would like to get into dental school by a certain time so how does this all come together?


By God’s grace. I read so many stories of successful people quitting their jobs to pursue their dreams and watched my peers successfully get new positions. I’ve done everything in my being to change my status but God has the blueprint . Once we get to a point where its exhausting that’s when God steps in and says ” That’s good now let me take it from here” Maybe I didn’t get that full time job because God knows it would be a delay in where I need to be .. To be honest this season is like an interview or ‘prove it to me’ with God. Everything I’ve mentioned in the interviews are being tested in these trial periods.He’s been building my character through interviews, interacting with different personalities, budgeting, being dependable, trustworthy, and  etc  in order to be that dentist I dream about.

So if you are in my shoes now please know you are not being overlooked and what God has in store is bigger than what we  can imagine.  Stay determined because we’re going to be picked soon!

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