In less than 130 days..

AshleyMarcus-96  In less than 130 days, I will be getting married to my best friend!! A rollercoaster of thoughts run through my head as I not only prepare for our wedding, my journey to dental school , but the next phase in life !  Growing up I was the child that loved playing with Barbie by myself (including dialogue ), wrote journal entries and poetry to express my feelings. Even as an adult, being able to walk into a quiet apartment after experiencing some of the worst college roommates is like living in a complete luxury.  In less than 130 days all of that will change , there will be a permanent adjustment. I’m believing God is going to take our faith to a whole new level, what I call

IMG_0250 “zip line faith”.  In less than 130 days I become one, where his feelings become my second nature and what seemed difficult during the first segment of our relationship will now be hilarious.  In less than 130 days I will receive what’s been promised for me. There is so much in store for all of us but sometimes it takes stepping out of our comfort zone in order to receive.