Holidays with an Introvert


It’s the most wonderful time of the year and for introverts this can also be the most interesting time of the year. Introverted people are easily drained when their time is spent with groups of people.. I know I can agree with this statement that’s why I’m here to give some tips to keep us sane!

  1. The Tv, phone, & books are your bffs

It’s ok if you don’t want to join every conversation or listen to the same stories from your childhood , I get it :-)! When you get to that point of no return I recommend you start reading some interesting books , watch tv, or go on social media on your phone. When I do those things it’s like a ticket for my mind to go to another destination. I also love listening to music because it also has that same effect .

2.  Converse

So eventually you won’t be able to use your invisible cloak forever because someone will notice you. The good news is that because the other person took notice of you first they will take the lead in the conversation , whew! However, if you happen to read their body language and see their feet are still pointing towards you and not away this means they are still wanting to engage in a conversation::


This can be awkward so find things around you to create conversation. Maybe its that weird looking  centerpiece on the counter or the food was so good you want to keep talking about it . It’s random and its conversation. If all else fails ask questions about them. This allows them to talk mostly and you do what you do best which is listening.

3. Shopping the day after

Being in crowds is one thing but being with aggressive shoppers is completely different! To avoid the craziness altogether shop online . You don’t have to worry about people running you over with their shopping carts or standing in long lines to checkout one or two things. One thing I like to do is shop early . Whether its grocery shopping or off to the mall getting Christmas gifts early , I like to go when people are just waking up to avoid crowds. Also to make sure I’m in and out of places I like to have shopping lists to keep me focused.

I hope this was a great help for you all to prepare for the holidays as an introvert.

Happy Holidays!!