My cHem!cAL roManCe


Background Story::  I’ve always wanted a relationship with chemistry…  I mean a true relationship, but we couldn’t see eye to eye on things.  I thought we would be dynamic at the beginning, however that’s when chem started showing their ego side: organic.  That’s when I felt us going our separate ways.  Time passed as a histo tech and I could not get chem out of my mind.  I seeked advice from counselors, dental committees, and they gave me a few options including how great it would be to show our relationship was a success no matter how many times I tried…

So, I’m back trying to make the relationship work, and this time when I see their ego I can not give up this time.  I’m not sure if it’s the formulas or my one way of thinking in the past, but chemistry has been a struggle for me.  Since I decided to give a 100% of my focus towards this relationship without a doubt I needed to pray.  Pray for strength , change my way of thinking , and make chemistry fun to learn!  The funny thing is that I didn’t think God would take this prayer seriously until…

I received a job offer at a cosmetic company as a cosmetic chemist!  As a cosmetic chemist I will be able to formulate skin, hair, and makeup products.  Even though I’ve just started I must say  it’s a great job and its involving chemistry! Now that God has given me this opportunity to use my creativity and  see another side of chemistry I know it won’t be hard to fall in love .


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