To that place

Take me there..

Yes, I said take me there

Take me on stage so I can sing with delight

Speak boldly without a tremble and no one can detect my fright

Take me to my dental office where my name is engraved on the door

So I can help create a beautiful smile to the ones who can and can’t afford

Take me to that place so I could relax on a boat and cruise

Or where I’m hearing God constantly and have nothing to lose.

You know I’m not looking for you every minute

Because the fuel you give is enough to finish.

Finish my thoughts then create a plan

Envisioning the outcome making sure its detailed for anyone to understand.

Yes, you’re sometimes a distraction to my concentration

And other times a help mate in tune with my future creations

You help me to see my potential, you + music on the same team

So can you take me there, where its not yet reality

My sweet daydream?


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