Dear younger Ash, (Pt. I)

First, I have to thank my WP friend, beautybeyondbones , for inspiring me to write a letter to my younger self. Make sure to check out her page!!

Dear younger Ash,

Where do I begin? You, my friend, will come a longggg way! Let me say your confidence will improve. I know for the moment you think you can’t do anything without  your friends. Matter of fact , your first year in college you’ll be so nervous to eat by yourself in the cafeteria that some days/nights , you’ll rely on your snacks in your dorm to get you through the next day. You won’t walk with  your head down and you’ll recognize your unique style ,no longer following the majority. The year you transfer schools, you’ll not only be changing location but it will be a complete transformation for you.

Your relationship with God will continue to get better. He’s not someone from your history textbook, he’s real and will reveal himself to you on a deeper level. Now, the college you transfer to will not be easy. You’ll cry from the threats they will give  when you can’t afford tuition. You’ll cry from the roommates because they are the worse..except for one. You’ll still have a hard time expressing yourself , walking past crowds of people to get to the library ,  trying to fit in, and sadly it now reflects your grades. However, through all of this God will be at your rescue I promise.

Lol, I know you’re like “great! now do I ever get into a true relationship with a guy?” Well , yes you do..eventually. I wish I could somehow let you know how beautiful you are.  Let you know you can stop flipping through the magazines to read horoscopes that will never happen. I wish I could stop you from the people you think you’re attracted to and the weird online chats. You’ll be heartbroken ..plenty of times ..but you will heal. Going through this builds character, you won’t be naïve , and you’ll finally meet someone who gets you. This guy loves your flaws and all, you can truly be yourself  and he loves you .

Well, I guess that’s all I will share for now I just wanted you to get excited about your future. I’ll share more when the time is right. 

Untill next time,

Older Ash **




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