You can be bad all by yourself

As my wedding countdown continues I thought it would be nice to share some of my financial experiences living by myself .

Coming from on-campus with roommates to having an apartment by yourself was awesome-sauce ! That’s a post by itself. So anyhoo, I have this awesomesauce apt and a science-related job literally right after graduating from college. The pay at first didn’t seem bad but I didn’t know how to manage . I needed a lot of things for my apartment, a car, take care of bills and myself.


My family was very supportive but I knew I needed to be smarter with my money. Instead of buying everything at one time , I would buy things over time .  For example , before I was able to get an actual sturdy bed I got a cheap blow up bed so I could save my money. Before I was able to get a couch , my apt has a bar so I bought bar stools first. If you think about it its like looking at a painting’s minor detail before appreciating the masterpiece.

Next, I needed focus to be my best friend especially once I locked my apartment and would go shopping and out to eat. It’s like going to the grocery store hungry …Don’t DO IT! When I noticed my careless behavior I started writing out a “Things to Do” list. If the mall wasn’t on my list , I couldn’t go to the mall. I disciplined myself to only follow that list because I was now at a point where after I took care of my upcoming list of bills I could do other things if I needed to.

As far as my bills, the costs were pretty consistent even though my rent started increasing slightly. One of the bills I had control over was my electric. I knew I didn’t have money to pay crazy electric bills so since I worked at night I made sure not have my a/c on when I’m not home. During the day, I used natural light so I only use lights when I needed which was mostly in the nighttime. I spoke with a representative at the electric site and she mentioned when you keep your thermostat between the range of 60-65 , your bill remains about the same. Doing all of this consistently and paying on time allowed me to not pay my electric bill for over 6 mos!! Seriously! I had to call and ask why it said “-50.00” and the representative told me how I accumulated credit or something…also known as favor!

Groceries , I’m still working on being a coupon queen but besides that I like to look at the circular to see what’s on sale and kind of use that as my foundation of what I’m going to eat for the week.

I have lots to still learn but I wanted to share my experience and to let you know you can be bad all by yourself!


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