Are you in your element?


In certain cultures you'll find five essential elements, while others may claim four, 
whichever is the case, every element serves its purpose. One element's purpose may be 
to create and destroy while another is to replenish. Each understands its role
and operate in their full ability. Now let's translate this to everyday life>>
Do you recognize your purpose in someone's life? 
For myself, I recognize that I bring joy to others. I have a pretty upbeat 
attitude , smile all the time ,"Minnie Mouse" voice , and a sense of humor that 
makes people laugh even when I'm serious. I'm sure as time pass I will be able 
to recognize other areas God will allow me to excel in while helping others.
After recognizing my purpose I began observing the people in my life and what roles 
 they served. 
th50XA53E3This was/still not an easy process for me but it becomes easier over 
time thanks to God! I was once very naïve with my heart on my sleeve,but 
over time my observation skills upgraded and I started noticing patterns of behavior
that consistently took advantage of me. I started distancing myself from certain people
along with deleting contacts from my phone, yayyy :-) , lol ! Now with my smaller 
circle I have individuals for spiritual advice, dentistry, marriage, and etc. 
 Prov 15:22 says "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed". 
It's very important to know the type of people you have in your ear and what you can 
offer as well. 

Let's operate in our elements , beautifuls!

2 thoughts on “Are you in your element?

  1. Alternate Dimension says:

    Are you a programmer? I thought I asked because I recognize those #whitesmoke backgrounds loll.

    Besides, great post! It’s so weird that I stumbled on your article talking about elements because this morning I was writing/thinking about elements myself lol!


    I think my element is water. I live in the city and I have this desire to go live on the coast next to the beach. It’s almost like a calling… Lately I’ve been feeling kind of “city-sick”. I miss nature a lot. And it’s been a while… I don’t know what it is…

    Hope you keep posting!

    Infinite peace and wisdom!

    Liked by 1 person

    • anhaynes87 says:

      Thank you ! I love reading your posts as well !🤓 I like how we were thinking of the same thing today , sync indeed! Unfortunately, no I’m not a programmer just a lab tech lol . You’re already a great writer and I’m sure when you get the time to relax at the beach your inspiration will go to another level! I look forward to reading more posts from you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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