You can be bad all by yourself

As my wedding countdown continues I thought it would be nice to share some of my financial experiences living by myself .

Coming from on-campus with roommates to having an apartment by yourself was awesome-sauce ! That’s a post by itself. So anyhoo, I have this awesomesauce apt and a science-related job literally right after graduating from college. The pay at first didn’t seem bad but I didn’t know how to manage . I needed a lot of things for my apartment, a car, take care of bills and myself.


My family was very supportive but I knew I needed to be smarter with my money. Instead of buying everything at one time , I would buy things over time .  For example , before I was able to get an actual sturdy bed I got a cheap blow up bed so I could save my money. Before I was able to get a couch , my apt has a bar so I bought bar stools first. If you think about it its like looking at a painting’s minor detail before appreciating the masterpiece.

Next, I needed focus to be my best friend especially once I locked my apartment and would go shopping and out to eat. It’s like going to the grocery store hungry …Don’t DO IT! When I noticed my careless behavior I started writing out a “Things to Do” list. If the mall wasn’t on my list , I couldn’t go to the mall. I disciplined myself to only follow that list because I was now at a point where after I took care of my upcoming list of bills I could do other things if I needed to.

As far as my bills, the costs were pretty consistent even though my rent started increasing slightly. One of the bills I had control over was my electric. I knew I didn’t have money to pay crazy electric bills so since I worked at night I made sure not have my a/c on when I’m not home. During the day, I used natural light so I only use lights when I needed which was mostly in the nighttime. I spoke with a representative at the electric site and she mentioned when you keep your thermostat between the range of 60-65 , your bill remains about the same. Doing all of this consistently and paying on time allowed me to not pay my electric bill for over 6 mos!! Seriously! I had to call and ask why it said “-50.00” and the representative told me how I accumulated credit or something…also known as favor!

Groceries , I’m still working on being a coupon queen but besides that I like to look at the circular to see what’s on sale and kind of use that as my foundation of what I’m going to eat for the week.

I have lots to still learn but I wanted to share my experience and to let you know you can be bad all by yourself!


100 applications & 20 interviews later..

It’s true. It’s getting close to a year of me applying to jobs. I’ve applied to over 100 + job applications and had about 20 interviews! Who does that? Well, this girl. Don’t be like this girl!


I knew after receiving my DAT scores and the talks I had with dental schools I wasn’t free from my job. I couldn’t quit because my bills and future always reminded me of the relationship we shared. I couldn’t go back to school to retake classes , at least not yet , so I became focused on getting a job with higher pay and flexible for school.


I applied for everything I thought I would qualify for! I knew some of the best positions were posted early in the morning and I knew companies usually request for  interviews Tuesday-Thursday. I had all kinds of interviews. I started realizing rather quickly I didn’t put much thought in applying . For example, I had an interview to basically test water including sewage ..SEWAGE!! yuck ! Another interview I had was for a lab. The lady explained her role and how they used animals to test medical devices , like pace makers. As she went on she then mentioned how they don’t go on lunch sometimes depending on the case


This is where this awesome book called 40 Days to the work you love , by Dan Miller changed my thoughts as well as my actions.


Mr. Miller encourages you not to be stuck mainly by asking thought provoking questions and sharing stories of individuals who were once stuck on their job. One of the things he mentioned that stuck with me was how he defined: job, vocation, and career. At the end , I was thinking ” wow, I’ve been stuck because of my thinking” . I limited myself on certain job applications and my vision didn’t reflect in some of the jobs I applied for.

I don’t want to share too much because I think you will enjoy this book just as much I did by reading it yourself. If you don’t have time to go to the library , no worries just downioad this awesome FREE app called OVERDRIVE. It’s basically an online library ! just search for this title and you’ll have the option to borrow the book as an e-book or audiobook.

It doesn’t take 100 applications and 20 interviews to get to the next level in life sometimes it just takes a renovation in the mind…

Are you in your element?


In certain cultures you'll find five essential elements, while others may claim four, 
whichever is the case, every element serves its purpose. One element's purpose may be 
to create and destroy while another is to replenish. Each understands its role
and operate in their full ability. Now let's translate this to everyday life>>
Do you recognize your purpose in someone's life? 
For myself, I recognize that I bring joy to others. I have a pretty upbeat 
attitude , smile all the time ,"Minnie Mouse" voice , and a sense of humor that 
makes people laugh even when I'm serious. I'm sure as time pass I will be able 
to recognize other areas God will allow me to excel in while helping others.
After recognizing my purpose I began observing the people in my life and what roles 
 they served. 
th50XA53E3This was/still not an easy process for me but it becomes easier over 
time thanks to God! I was once very naïve with my heart on my sleeve,but 
over time my observation skills upgraded and I started noticing patterns of behavior
that consistently took advantage of me. I started distancing myself from certain people
along with deleting contacts from my phone, yayyy :-) , lol ! Now with my smaller 
circle I have individuals for spiritual advice, dentistry, marriage, and etc. 
 Prov 15:22 says "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed". 
It's very important to know the type of people you have in your ear and what you can 
offer as well. 

Let's operate in our elements , beautifuls!