Dental Office matchmaker

Once the thought formed in my mind creating the vision then traveled to my mouth to say “I want to become a dentist” , I knew from that point I would be in for a treat.  You have to prove how serious you are in becoming a dentist through your test scores, grades,  involvement throughout the community including shadowing dentists.

Shadowing/observing dentists not only shows how committed you are in the dental field but it helps in knowing more about yourself  and if you could really see yourself in that career. I actually enjoy shadowing , it allows me to observe how dentists interact with patients of all types of personalities . I get better insight on some of the dental procedures, when dentists recommend surgery or some kind of procedure its not to get your $$….

thM39E83HSIts actually because they see things we’re not able to see with our own eyes . On the other hand , I went to some dental offices to shadow and I felt like I was in the way.

thZ95ZY5G3This is how I feel sometimes when I arrive in offices where there’s about twenty dental assistants and hygienists . Something simple as observing how dental offices are managed can be overwhelming at times . Constantly saying excuse me , asking patients for permission to observe their procedure , dental staff all of sudden  invisible (in the ’employees only’ break room) , and you’re left standing like a lost child at an airport . Can’t find the dentist because they are running from room to room and closes their office door to make certain you don’t interrupt their moment of silence..  did I mention how much I like shadowing?


It was not until I found my dental office match made in heaven ! It was a pediatric office and from experience with other kid dental offices this one was perfect in my eyes. The dentist kept the same amount of energy throughout speaking with her staff , children, and their parents.It was a decent number for the dental staff but I didn’t feel out of place or didn’t belong , it was just peaceful. I love being hands on so I appreciated the invitation to assist in keeping some of the children calm . I think if more dental offices had this type of atmosphere and not mayhem maybe the number of those that fear dentists would be less to none :-). 



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