“I am Beautiful”

k14885514 Growing up I struggled with my self esteem. I would question myself with ” Why do I look this way?” or  “Why they don’t think I’m attractive?” and the list continues. As my insecurities built its foundation it not only showed in my  behavior by seeking validation but there were people that seemed to be on specific assignments to break me down . As time moved on I got to a point where I did not want to be stuck with the same mentality I had growing up. Now, I can say I have moved from that place of  “STUCK” and into a place of confidence.  Let me say  THIS IS A GREAT PLACE to be and if you’re not there let me tell you how I got there::

Get out of my feelings : Sometimes the thing/ person that holds us back is ourselves. I kept recycling the negative comments over and over in my head years later and the truth was the ones that picked on me moved on with their lives ..it was me that needed to move on.

♥  Compliment myself: The best person to compliment you first thing in the morning is yourself. I started saying declarations before I went out and interacted with people . Want an example? “Thank you God, for making me beautiful inside and out , pretty inside and out. Thank you for allowing others to notice but most importantly me.” I know it may seem weird but I promise it works! I started getting compliments out of nowhere and I knew without a doubt it was the faith I deposited into my decree every morning, spending time and building relationship with God.

♥ Less focus on self: It is very easy to see your flaws but sometimes can become a distraction of recognizing God’s grace . He loves us so much and to focus on our appearance all day  I could only imagine it probably hurts his feelings because we were created in his image. There were moments as I would get dressed and think on what I needed to accomplish at the time , God would interfere into my thoughts to say “You look beautiful daughter”.  Of course these are moments when I could still have a scarf or rollers in my hair! Helping other people whether its volunteering , at a store , or just giving a compliment and letting them know they look great is very beautiful.

Remember there is death and life in the power of the tongue (prov. 18:21) . So reach out to others by giving a simple compliment 🙂

You are Beautiful!!




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