“I’m going to take a break”…..

After graduating from college , I was exhausted! Tired from being in long lines waiting for financial aid , books, and as an out of state student! I then decided to take a break ..

>>>>>Fast forward, I became a histology tech for a private diagnostic lab, continued volunteering/shadowing at dental offices and clinics, and spent more time with God as he revealed things I needed to work on. Taking a break from school has its advantages / disadvantages and I am glad to have experienced both to share with you


  • If you didn’t get as much volunteer/shadowing experience in college or feel you are not as prepared as you like for the next phase in your education , taking breaks are great!
  • mature as an adult and  relationship with Christ. I was able focus on  my priorities and the time I spent with god my relationship grew stronger which allowed me to trust in him more.
  • Your character is strengthened. I know God worked on me constantly while in school but it was different when I had my alone time . I’m definitely more humble and patient.


  • Time slips by fast if you don’t have a detailed outline for returning back to school. I’ve worked with the lab for 3 yrs. which was a lot because I only planned to be out of school for 1 yr.
  • When financial problems arise , it may delay you from your career path. For me I had issues with my car to medical bills which interfered when I wanted to apply for dental school. Fact is , problems will happen regardless , you just have to stay focused.
  • Getting used to making money full time and taking care of responsibilities can take its toll. When returning back to school part time/ full time there has to be sacrifices.



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