~*Forever 21*~

♥♥I’m 5’4 , pretty lean , and like to exercise. When people discover I like working out I tend to get comments like the following: “Oh you’re small you don’t need to work out”, ” you don’t have any fat what do you have to lose??” in addition to facial expressions which I love :-/  :

I’ve always been involved in activites as long as I can remember. I did jazz/ tap for 11 years, cheerleading (I know right!) , and tennis. So when I got into the work flow I knew I needed a balance ..Exercising! Working out has so many benefits besides the obvious one of losing weight, that’s a given.  According to Fitness magazine, working out can cause ________

  1. Your lungs to get stronger
  2. Protection against the snuffles (cold/flu)
  3.  to feel like you’re on cloud 9 , stress free
  4.  ♥  healthier
  5.  alert and focused
  6. cut the risk of getting cancer
  7. become one of the members of The Avengers (not really but remain consistent along with dieting and your muscle endurance will increase)

See? There are so many benefits including the one I left out about how awesome you’ll feel as you notice your beautiful results externally & internally.  Feeling Forever21 or whatever age you want doesn’t have to be time consuming or like a boring homework assignment. Make working out fun by connecting with others and schedule a time to meet and sweat . Today , a local YMCA had an aerobic-thon (FREE) and I attended a zumba class as well as a sculpting class. Even though I did not meet with any friends one of my coworkers told me about the event :-).  Sign up for a run: I’m not much of a runner but it didn’t stop me from pursuing The Color Run. It was fun being in a rainbow crowd (literally) where everyone seemed so happy to be running/walking for a great cause. Then at the end of the run, there’s a party with live music and color bombing everywhere!


Oh right, no time to do all that? Workout at home ! That’s what I do mostly because I don’t have a membership at a gym. Look for home workouts on Youtube , Instagram, Pinterest for starters. At times I may try to cheat myself by doing less of a workout so I like to use apps to keep me focused like Sworkit . So ladies and gents , lets get our blood pumping because we have a healthy year to enjoy !



..trying not to become the worst cook in america

One of the  things I hear about dental school is time management. Time is essential when it comes to studying , spending time with family , and everything else. I try to manage my time well including learning how to be efficient.  So, one of my struggles is SWEETS ( part of my inspiration to my blog name, IntrovertedFillings )! I love sweets  , like one of my favorite channels is Food Network where I watch Cupcake Wars and Cuttthroat Kitchen .  Thing is , I don’t make time to create new food ( picky eater ) and I want to learn new things …just as long as I’m not in the kitchen for hours or burning the kitchen :-/.  One of my favorite sites I like to go on for inspiration would be Pinterest.  From exercises to diy arts & crafts , its amazing especially when it comes to finding quick recipes. Last night, I decided to try “biscoff cake in a mug” ..


This isn’t the actual one I made but just wanted to give you a visual.  It tasted great and it only took a few minutes to prepare . The only thing is I wish I had some type of frosting or something but no time was wasted nor did I have a lot of dishes to wash whoo hoo!! Today I’m trying peach cobbler using cake mix and I hope the results are as good as the pictures they have on pinterest lol . Well, keep me in prayer when it comes to cooking/baking and for my taste buds to stop being judgmental to certain types of foods :-/. Take care !


Why dentistry?


“Why do you want to become a dentist?” Honestly, when I struggled academically in college , being nervous speaking in front of people, and other obstacles I ask myself the same thing. As I tried to research other careers I found that it was a waste of time because my passion was in dentistry.  Being in a single parent home where finances were limited,  going to the dentist wasn’t a priority  nor were we educated on how important it was to maintain healthy teeth and gums. I had a lot of insecurities growing up and it eventually affected the way I smiled. I was able to get braces for a short period but due to finances I had to get them off sooner than expected.   One day my mom and I went to a big dental clinic where hundreds of us stood in line waiting to be examined by health professionals including dentists. Hours later , they announced “NO MORE PATIENTS!” This was because there wasn’t enough dentists. After those experiences , it motivated me to learn more about dentistry and how I can make a difference. As I continue to volunteer and gain insight in the dental arena , I learn there are hundreds of people like me. By God’s will , my desire is to educate people on the importance of having a healthy mouth and how it affects their overall health. Also , to help build one’s confidence by improving their smile . This won’t be easy but I’m determined to help someone through my journey .


When the lab coat comes off..

thMLAZ6U6UThis is how I react once my work shift is over and when the lab coat comes off.. I RUNNNN!!! I know I should be more appreciative especially when you’re able to get a job offer literally a few weeks after graduating from college but at times it can be hard. I work from 5pm to 1:30 am (or until) in a diagnostic lab that tests skin specimens to give proper treatment to patients . It’s rewarding to know I am making a difference in someone’s life even if it’s not directly however, I have to remain focused because it was never my intention to stop here.


Unfortunately one part about growing up is the fact you have to work to pay bills and there’s not too many jobs that will allow you to work on your dream goals but if you know any PLEASE LET ME KNOW, SERIOUSLY! lol lol 😉 So this is when you have to take matters in your own hands ( in your own time) and use the time you have outside of work to build your vision.


I get super excited once I leave work because it’s now “me” time . From the time I wake up every minute counts and its important to get something accomplished even if its just coming up with one idea  or applying for a job that compliments my goals for getting toward my vision. So with that being said I’m going to get some inspiration by reading some of your blogs, practice some DAT questions (Dental Admissions Test ) ,  and relax watching tv / Netflix.

♥ Let’s be awesome!!

“I am Beautiful”

k14885514 Growing up I struggled with my self esteem. I would question myself with ” Why do I look this way?” or  “Why they don’t think I’m attractive?” and the list continues. As my insecurities built its foundation it not only showed in my  behavior by seeking validation but there were people that seemed to be on specific assignments to break me down . As time moved on I got to a point where I did not want to be stuck with the same mentality I had growing up. Now, I can say I have moved from that place of  “STUCK” and into a place of confidence.  Let me say  THIS IS A GREAT PLACE to be and if you’re not there let me tell you how I got there::

Get out of my feelings : Sometimes the thing/ person that holds us back is ourselves. I kept recycling the negative comments over and over in my head years later and the truth was the ones that picked on me moved on with their lives ..it was me that needed to move on.

♥  Compliment myself: The best person to compliment you first thing in the morning is yourself. I started saying declarations before I went out and interacted with people . Want an example? “Thank you God, for making me beautiful inside and out , pretty inside and out. Thank you for allowing others to notice but most importantly me.” I know it may seem weird but I promise it works! I started getting compliments out of nowhere and I knew without a doubt it was the faith I deposited into my decree every morning, spending time and building relationship with God.

♥ Less focus on self: It is very easy to see your flaws but sometimes can become a distraction of recognizing God’s grace . He loves us so much and to focus on our appearance all day  I could only imagine it probably hurts his feelings because we were created in his image. There were moments as I would get dressed and think on what I needed to accomplish at the time , God would interfere into my thoughts to say “You look beautiful daughter”.  Of course these are moments when I could still have a scarf or rollers in my hair! Helping other people whether its volunteering , at a store , or just giving a compliment and letting them know they look great is very beautiful.

Remember there is death and life in the power of the tongue (prov. 18:21) . So reach out to others by giving a simple compliment 🙂

You are Beautiful!!



Saving $$ challenge

thFW8NNIKBTrying to recover from the holidays? Having a hard time coming up with a way to pay your bills effectively ?  Well, you’re definitely not by yourself. One of my challenges after graduating college was learning to become independent , especially financially. I had to get my priorities in order quick and adjust to life’s demands.. bills. I can honestly say I have a good system going when it comes handling bills but there is always room to grow and build to my vision while tackling bigger expenses , like student loans!

This is when I read a  post about paying off Sallie Mae student loan in a year on a teacher salary! I know what you’re thinking “How in the world?”  ” How is this possible?” I was slightly skeptical at first but after she went into detail of overcoming this obstacle I not only was amazed but am now using her tips to help me with my financial mountains. On her site  she also mentions this challenge called , Money Saving Challenge. Basically every week you deposit into your savings and if you are able to follow closely by the end of the year you’ll have $5,000! Whoo hooo!!Vacation-1024x1024 I just get excited knowing what my end result of being disciplined will be. To read more of her awesome story and other great tips , here’s the link enjoy!> 


Let’s go after our vision!

Into the first full week of 2016 and I have the same joy I had during NYE church service! The reason being is because my pastor shared a great word on how to be effective and have a prosperous year.  So to start the year off right we need to re evaluate who we associate ourselves with. Be with wise individuals that will sharpen you. When working on your vision, commit to God first. Ask for wisdom and understanding. Next, define your purpose in the assignments you’ll have for the year. For example, when applying for a job, define your purpose and how it fits into your overall vision. While some may take longer to meet their vision than others, DO NOT GIVE UP! When you’re baking or waiting for your food at a restaurant , you simply don’t give up because they seem to be taking a long time  , you wait until you get what you asked. It’s the same in our relationship with God. Don’t give up nor allow others to doubt your vision. I’m excited for all of us!



“I’m going to take a break”…..

After graduating from college , I was exhausted! Tired from being in long lines waiting for financial aid , books, and as an out of state student! I then decided to take a break ..

>>>>>Fast forward, I became a histology tech for a private diagnostic lab, continued volunteering/shadowing at dental offices and clinics, and spent more time with God as he revealed things I needed to work on. Taking a break from school has its advantages / disadvantages and I am glad to have experienced both to share with you


  • If you didn’t get as much volunteer/shadowing experience in college or feel you are not as prepared as you like for the next phase in your education , taking breaks are great!
  • mature as an adult and  relationship with Christ. I was able focus on  my priorities and the time I spent with god my relationship grew stronger which allowed me to trust in him more.
  • Your character is strengthened. I know God worked on me constantly while in school but it was different when I had my alone time . I’m definitely more humble and patient.


  • Time slips by fast if you don’t have a detailed outline for returning back to school. I’ve worked with the lab for 3 yrs. which was a lot because I only planned to be out of school for 1 yr.
  • When financial problems arise , it may delay you from your career path. For me I had issues with my car to medical bills which interfered when I wanted to apply for dental school. Fact is , problems will happen regardless , you just have to stay focused.
  • Getting used to making money full time and taking care of responsibilities can take its toll. When returning back to school part time/ full time there has to be sacrifices.